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Introducing ICMS

Complex Calculations
Made Simple

Fully customize your compensation models, retain top talent, and quickly adapt to changes with our Incentive Compensation Management System – ICMS

Finally! A Low-Code Solution

We do the heavy lifting of all your complex calculations

ICMS is an efficient, low-code, easy to use solution with full configurability and security designed to manage complex high-volume calculations, including incentive-based compensation, dynamic pricing models, or sales commissions. 

Our Promise

Efficiency, flexibility, transparency, and autonomy to help you…

  • Save time and money: ICMS solves complex calculations within minutes
  • Retain your most precious asset: your sales team
  • Be resilient and flexible! Customize your team’s compensation plans individually
  • Do-it-yourself: update your incentive compensation formulas and criteria in a no-code environment and without the need to engage IT
  • Run What-If Analysis, simulations, projections, and calculations to understand performance and focus on what works
  • Build trust: with exceptional transparency and auditability features for you and your team

❤️ Easy to Use

You'll love its drag & drop capabilities and the spreadsheet-like interface.

🔥 Fast & Agile

While other apps normally take several hours to process reports — making it almost impossible to rerun calculations or make quick adjustments — our solution executes new calculations within minutes, not hours!

🧩 Easy to Integrate

ICMS seamlessly integrates with your current data analytics and reporting tools, making it easy to get all the insights you need to make informed decisions.

🔧 Low Maintenance &
Cost Effective

No need to involve IT or coders. Make changes and adaptations to your incentive compensation programs to match your specific needs.
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Retain Top Talent

📈 Build trust with transparency, data analysis, and projections

🤝 Make compensation fair and consistent

🫡 Help managers and teams make better decisions



Visibility of the generated results can be controlled at the individual user level based on the organizational hierarchy with all sensitive data securely encrypted within Azure.


The application can be configured to support any type of calculation in the future without the need for IT or external consulting support

Additional Features

  • Full security and encryption

  • Possibility to assign different access levels 

  • Cloud first, Microsoft technology, and Azure-centric

  • Client and industry agnostic

Our clients love us

ICMS is a custom-made app developed by Informa Software with our unique people-first approach.

We optimize processes by creating tools adjusted to your needs (as opposed to YOU having to adapt to a software!), so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Every step from big-picture requirements gathering to rollout has seemed effortless. The timeshare industry is complicated and we are particularly tough. Finding a partner that absorbs and understands our business enough to make thoughtful suggestions is no small task.

Client, Timeshare Industry

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Simplify your complex calculations, and simplify your life! 

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